Bait & Co.

At.Bait & Co., we have a mission to inspire each and every one of our customers, not only to always have delicious smelling hair but to also exude confidence and strength while wearing our product.

Bait Hair Perfume is not only created and worn by women, it's our way of life.

Est 2014.
Mailing Address: 1162 Montgomery Drive, Oakville, ON, Canada, L6M 1G1

The Bait Team

Michelle - Co-Creator & Sales Director

Michelle - Bait & Co.For me the essence of Bait is it's appeal to the everyday Woman.  I'm a working wife and first time mother to Julia who was born in 2015.  Being a mother is very rewarding, however, owning a business with my sister is pretty awesome as well.  We look forward to making the world a better smelling place one spray at a time

Fave Scent - Day Dreamer, because I'm always dreaming of my next vacation! The sweet notes of citrus and vanilla remind of the crashing waves, the warm salty ocean air, and the taste of fresh Pina Colada's while dreaming on the beach.